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Healing From Trauma God's Way

We've all had trauma, now it's time to heal
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My Story

Roxanne Melissa Johnson is a mother of two sons, a refugee from Jamaica who was granted asylum in Canada due to Jamaica’s abusive psychiatric system and being a victim of spousal abuse, and is herself a survivor of child sexual abuse. In the year 2005 Roxanne was diagnosed with bipolar disorder but it was after this life changing event she realized how much trauma had impacted her life leading to chronic mental health issues later in adulthood.

The author has recognized the failure of the psychiatric system to use a trauma-informed, psychosocial and human rights based approach to mental health. But thanks to a personal relationship with Yashuah Hamashiach also known as Jesus Christ, Roxanne has been on the road to recovery and through this book would like to share the insights the Holy Spirit has given her through her own mental health recovery and in the raising of her two sons Benjamin and Salem.

While pursuing her masters in journalism at Toronto Metropolitan University, the author has used research techniques to  show studies that back up and validate the insights she’s had of the effects of trauma on the psyche and our childhood development. Studies include the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study started by researchers Vincent Felitti and Robert Anda; A study on Trauma by the American Psychological Association; A study by the None in Three Research Centre at the University of Technology “Perspectives on Child Sexual Abuse in Jamaica” and several Jamaican news article delving into the mental health crisis and the abuse of children in Jamaica.

The book looks at the fact that the healing of the brokenhearted that should be done by the body of Christ has been shunted into the secular psychiatric industry which studies have shown the overuse of  psychiatric medication has caused much harm.

This book looks at spiritual tools we can use to heal from the traumas of our past no matter how deep and how to forgive those who have abused and harmed us to cause these deep trauma scars.

Christ’s approach is always the best approach, and modern scientific studies and technology has only revealed the original plan of healing made by the creator which is best suited for humanity. The author considers herself simply a willing vessel to be used by the Spirit of the Lord “to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners.” (Isaiah 61:1)

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My Books

The Demonic Stronghold of Anger

A Look at Child Abuse in Jamaica

Get Ready for Christ Centred Trauma focus groups

My book "Healing from Trauma God's Way" is going to be turned into a 10-week online zoom session focus group. Contact Roxanne Johnson to register today

Church Events

If you live in the GTA in Ontario, Canada, I'll be coming to a church near you to present on my book "Healing from Trauma God's Way." Go to my contact page to contact me about coming to your church!

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